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National Alliance against Mandated Mental Health
Screening and Psychiatric Drugging of Children
Children's Deaths Caused From ADD & ADHD Drugs
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Child Protective Services

We are very concerned about Child Protective Services legally forcing children", default", even in foster homes, to take psychotropic drugs.

These psychostimulant medications are comparable to cocaine and the antidepressants are now known to cause suicidal thoughts and suicide among children.

Who is paying Child Protective Services to force children to take lethal, addictive drugs for, non-medical reasons?

I personally feel that Child Protective Services ability to force lethal addictive drugs on children, is no different than those sitting in prison for for the same thing.

I feel this activity is criminal. The war against drugs should begin with schools and Child Protective Services pushing psychotropic drugs on Americas children.

Is Child Protective Services being lead to believe behaviors listed in the DSM-IV are real medical issues?

Do they not know that the behaviors listed in the criteria for ADHD can be handled without drugs?

Doesn't Child Protective Services know the harms of these drugs heavily outweigh the unscientific mental disorders schools are using to drug children into submission.

Who is financing Child Protective Services?

Child Protective Services in the United States is primarily the responsibility of state and local governments, operating within a framework created by federal law and funding. This means that both state and federal governments are responsible for the unnecessary forced drugging of children.

School officials are notifying Child Protective Services when Parents and guardians are opposed to harming their children with lethal psychiatric drugs for non-medical, non-biological mental disorders (Childish behaviors).

Child Protective Services have charged parents and guardians with educational and emotional neglect for their refusal to drug their children for non-medical, non-biological mental disorders listed in the DSM-IV.

Child Protective Services have removed children from their loving homes and have had children drugged against the will of parents, guardians, and children, because parents and guardians choose to protect their children from the dangers of psychiatric drugs.

School corporal punishment has been replaced with dangerous psychotropic drugs. Children are being drugged into submission at the expense of their physical and mental health.

Email from Parent:

Hi my name is Tammy and I live in buffalo New York. My children were removed from my home because a counselor at my son's school called cps and said I wasn't medicating my child, so they removed all my children. I had a public defender who didn't bother coming to court most times and when she did she refused to help me and told me numerous times to shut up she didn't want to hear my excuses that whatever the state said must be true. problem my son was taking his meds, second problem, she never gather my witnesses as I requested. third problem it has been over a year on my appeal I requested for because the judge terminated my rights as their mother and I still haven't heard anything about a court date. I have been begging everybody and their brother for help including writing the freaking president of the united states. I don't know what to do anymore.

Glad your web site is there to educate parents!!

I have known about your web site for awhile but when I read your article: Parent's Crusade Over Children's Tragic Deaths from Psychiatric Drugs, thought I would email and let you know why I am just close to giving up on my fight against the abuses psychiatry has done to our child. When a child is being abused by psychotic drugs every organization in this country will help UNLESS CPS is involved. For some reason if a child is being drugged too death with Seroquel, Ritalin, and many of the other dangerous drugs, suddenly they are not so dangerous anymore if the children are in CPS custody!

Here is the list of just some of the drugs our child is on or has been on for 2 years and she has been on Seroquel the whole time

Seroquel, Topamax, Zoloft, Strattera, Ritalin, Lexapro, Tenex, Trileptal, Clonidine, and Concerta!

Everyone that would be so seriously concerned about a child receiving all those drugs suddenly turn their heads to it all when CPS is involved.

Care for them (the children) when parents have custody but forget the kids when CPS is involved as if suddenly all the dangerous of the drugs disappear when CPS is involved. Guess those drugs suddenly have all those side effects disappear!

I am NOT saying anyone with your web site is like that!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just venting the frustration others have given me that could have helped us but haven't.

Here is a summary of our story:

Our child came to us with serious sexual and self abusive behaviors that we were not told about. We adopted her.

WITHOUT psychiatry we managed to get most of our child's negative behaviors stopped but not all of them. CPS did not have the child in therapy and they did not tell us to do so.

The negative behaviors that had not permanently stopped we were using pastoral counseling and she was improving whereas our child's behaviors became worse again with psychiatry as she regressed back to behaviors she had before and when she came to us! That is fully documented!

Those are the facts, added to that the abuses psychiatry has done to our child.

We were told it was the law to take kids with behavior problems to get psychiatric help as they kidnapped our child and would not return her because we refused to participate in psychiatric treatment plans!

The Juvenile Judge totally ignored our evidence that CPS AND the mental profession had tainted our case with their lies to the court! The Juvenile Judge also totally ignored our evidence that our child had been abused while in CPS custody and if that was not bad enough, that is not all the Juvenile Judge ignored in our case as they totally ignored our two expert doctors in our case!

One, our child's pediatrician for most of her life as he testified we did "not harm our child!" He also told the court he had known us for "10 years" and that he had "never met any better parents" than us. He testified to the "improvements in our child" while she was with us as well as he testified about the psychiatric abuses to our child with the psychotic drugs. He testified about the weight gain. Our child went from 112 pounds when taken at age 11 to approx 170 pounds within a year's time! Our child's pediatrician told the court "there is just no reason to not give this child back to her parents!"

Our other expert, Dr. Baughman, you have heard of. He also testified and wrote about the psychiatric abuses to our child. Both doctors had reviewed evidence before they testified and wrote their statements with most of the evidence coming from CPS and the mental profession themselves! Dr. Baughman wrote that in his opinion is was "the state and not us that had abused our child!" Our child also suffered abuses in the mental hospital!! They "bumped up" our child to keep her longer after her symptoms ran out!

All of that, all of our evidence the Juvenile Judge just turned his head to as he rubber stamped everything CPS and psychiatry wanted him to! He rubber stamped the very ones that are/were harming our child! The very ones that had lied to the court!

The only time we were allowed to see our child in a year's time, when she saw us she did not walk, she ran up to us, grabbed me and held me and hugged me for a very long time with tears in her eyes! After she hugged her daddy, she grabbed my hand and took me through the group home and introduced me to every staff member there telling them, "this is my mom!"

That alone let me know just how mean, just how cruel, just how heartless, and evil these people were that they could take that away from a child, let alone us! Those people no more care about a child's real best interest than Hitler did! Dr. Baughman calls this a crime against families! While our troops are over seas fighting for the freedoms of other countries our own freedoms get taken away right here!

We put in an appeal for that Juvenile Case we lost our child to but we are financially and physically devastated and so far have not been able to find a caring attorney to return justice to our family.

Religious organizations will defend a child's right to carry a Bible to school but not defend them from being drugged too death.

Where is the hope? I am losing all hope and close to giving up. I represented ourselves in Juvenile Court for months because of lack of finances and so many attorneys being in the pharmaceutical companies pockets but I just can not understand the legal terms well enough to represent us on the Juvenile Appeal. I have tried and I just can't!

Our former attorney told us CPS is above the law and can do what they want! Is that why attorneys that are suppose to represent their clients, don't? Or is is because they are for the psychotic drugs? Our former attorney also told us she believed the "psychotic pills was just what our child needed!" She withdrew from our case because we would not cooperate with CPS on issues against our religious beliefs with that mostly being psychiatry!

The DA "declined to prosecute" us! Isn't it amazing that in the United States of America that parental rights can be terminated when the parents have never been found guilty of any crime, and that they were never tried and found guilty of child abuse in a court of law meaning the parents are not, were not guilty of child abuse but yet that is exactly what is happening all across our country! We never harmed our child but yet we proved psychiatry has and yet who gets custody? The real child abusers, psychiatry and CPS!

Dr. Baughman said that "CPS uses psychiatry to justify what would otherwise be unjustifiable!"

Does anyone care? (not talking about you, but those that can help and won't)
Gail in North Carolina

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